Makeup for dark skin-were specially developed and adapted to match 

the wide range of dark skin tone


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The company was founded in 2009 and it specializes in two main areas:
1 Development, manufacture and marketing of makeup for dark skin
2 Running courses and workshops  for all dark skin women around the world 
The unique makeup products were specially developed and adapted to match the wide range of dark skin tones.
The products are distributed to the public all around the country to our thousands of satisfied customers.
How Mulu.D makeup brand began:
Most of the big brand name cosmetic and makeup companies barely hold one or two of dark makeup proctors. So one well have to buy two shades and combined to get the desired color to match their own.
Even after mixing two shades the result was not accurate and the customer is left unsatisfied. Some women are forced to give up using makeup. What a disappointment.
One of these women who have failed to fine even one matching dark shade of makeup is merv Tsgahune, The founder of MULU.D Makeup Company.
Merv was no longer willing to compromise and demanded a solution!!
She began to study at the professional makeup school of Giora Shavit Upon graduation, Merv immediately began developing makeup products for dark skin woman  After a period of hard work and challenges along with a chemist she launched the "MULU.D" makeup line for the wide range of dark skin woman around the world.
MULU.D creates an uncompromising new experience for independent, dark skin woman! Your expectation of the MULU.D makeup line proves itself to be reliable and the effect is obviously noticeable right away.
Our products provide a unique experience due to the special style and absolute conformity of our products for dark skin.
 MULU.D knows you are a strong and independent trendy woman who well not compromise! And gives you uncompromising quality product that you deserve!
 All products are have a license from the ministry hath department 
Mulu.D has won the small business competition of 2012 out of 1000 candidates. Announced by  Yediot Aharonot, Bank Hapoalim and Ynet .

 Merav- Mulu Tsgahune the Founder of MULU.D

  • Professional makeup artist Certificate (from the Giora Shavit makeup school)
    MA in Sociology, University of Haifa
  • -BA Communication and Human Services, University of Haifa
work experience in the public sector:
 A coordinator at the urban center of the Ramle Municipality
as a youth detective in the Sharon region district central unit, in the Israeli police

 IN The for Mulu D Well introduce its products to large companies and start exports to Africa and U.S
We would be happy to co-operate with you
Kind regards,
 Merav-Mulu  Founder of MULU.D 

Development, manufacture and marketing of makeup for dark skin    -TEL +972-524346161 ,+972-073-2751318 FAX  +972-153-524346161 

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